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Behind an enigmatic look that conquers the camera every time the photographers portrayed him. We find Vito, a dreamer, a natural-born fighter and lover of nature and justice. This free-spirited man moves away from banal and the material to escape and find his inner self at sea, where he finds happiness by practicing his favorite sports with family and friends.

We could talk about a lot of things for starters, but I would prefer you to tell me what is in the image Vito Basso projects. What does he thinks and what does he dreams of today?

I think it is time for a change. The world needs leaders who can offer hope and a new breath. I dream about it every day and I try to do my best. I use my career as an influential platform. Even though everyone is in charge of this change, we need to start things from “home”.

What do you have in common with this industry? What identifies you with it and what does not?

Big question! This industry has a lot of motivation and creativity! We are always trying to break through and that identifies me. If you do it, you better do it well. I could spend hours writing about everything that I would change, from agencies to brands. But let's just say that the vibe is low and superficial.

Besides all you have mentioned, you also like to look after the planet as a nature lover. You always try to show positive vibes. What do you think about all the problems the world is going through regarding politics and the environment from a social point of view?

My friend... this is not new. Governments kept changing as societies did. What is trendy and what is not? Junk food vs. healthy food, colorful pants or black ones. I think changes start at home. If we keep going the same path, all will go wrong. But if we stop a little bit to think and pay attention to what could happen, we might take care a bit more. If you don't want to think about everyone else, then do it for you.

Everything is fashion. I hope that being healthy and look after the planet become trendy soon. I am trying my best. It is not easy, but we are getting stronger. As much as governments can change, change is within us. I have got talent and I can be listened to by some people now. I hope they get my message.


What it would be your main goal?

My main goal is being able to influence as much as I want, I could call it 'Life Coaching'.

Discover the cover & editorial and the full Vito Basso's interview in the Fall Winter 2018 here.

Words by Andy Durán.

Translation by Yolanda Sotos.

Photographed in Barcelona by Fernando Gómez.

Grooming by Rosa Matilla using Face Stockholm & Moroccanoil.

Stylist Assistant. Alex Montoya.

Vito appears courtesy of IMG Models.

Entrance Image Credits: Sweater by FRED PERRY / Shirt by MARNI.

Sweater & Trousers DIRK BIKKEMBERGS






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