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Suki Wang London by Adam Chan

Suki Wang London:

A Lively Dialogue on Design and Inspiration

Words by Adam Chan.

Amid a world momentarily halted, Suki Wang embarked on a journey to infuse the ordinary with a new lease of life through the transformative language of design. The outcome? The dynamic emergence of Suki Wang London — a spirited lifestyle brand that blossomed as a response to the tranquillity enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suki Wang London by Adam Chan

In the quietude of the pandemic, Suki Wang stumbled upon a unique avenue for her emotions— sketching. Little did she envisage that these sketches would metamorphose into a captivating narrative—a visual tale she was eager to share. "Why not share these stories of mine with everyone?" she contemplated, laying the groundwork for a brand devoted to spreading joy through vibrant and uplifting designs.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins' communication design programme, Suki Wang seamlessly integrates her graphic design and photography prowess into homeware and accessories that are not just sophisticated but pulsating with life. Her education, coupled with collaborations and illustration courses, enriched her aesthetic, steering her away from prevailing monochrome trends. Wang embraces vivid hues, staunchly believing in the healing power of colours.

Hailing from Beijing, Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia, and London, Wang's multicultural background forms the soul of her brand. The resilience of Mongolian arts, flourishing in harsh environments, breathes energy into her work. Blending these influences with Chinese imagery and Taoist symbols, Wang crafts contemporary lifestyle designs illuminated by a palette dominated by uplifting teal and gold.

Step into the enchanting realm of the "Journey to the East" collection, Wang's magnum opus. Brimming with koi fish, cranes, and hand-drawn fans, this collection symbolises her commitment to shattering creative boundaries. "The sophisticated elegance of oriental culture combined with modern home décor was key," she notes, reflecting on its debut during the pandemic in Hong Kong.

Suki Wang London by Adam Chan

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Wang's designs echo her ethos of a world without boundaries. "I believe in a world where we can celebrate our differences and love each other the way we love ourselves," she affirms, a sentiment vividly expressed in her lively cushion prints and tableware collections, celebrating individuality free from societal constraints.

Wang's deep affinity for nature, nurtured through sailing, horse riding, and free-diving, finds its echo in her designs. Sustainability isn't just a concept but a practice, seen in the use of leftover rice shells for biodegradable shipping bags.

In our conversation, Wang tantalises with a glimpse into an upcoming collection inspired by Chinese mythology and ocean themes, set to unveil during the lunar new year in 2024—the year of the dragon. Her dream? To unite a globally diverse customer base through shared appreciation for Suki Wang London's playful, nature-inspired lifestyle collections.

For Wang, design is a vibrant form of healing, a beacon of hope even in the darkest times. As her brand evolves, Wang's creations continue to inspire and uplift, a testament to the resilience of human creativity.

To immerse yourself in Suki Wang London's vibrant world, explore the collections at, Instagram or discover them at Wolf and Badger. Worldwide shipping is available, inviting everyone to partake in Suki's uplifting vision.

Suki Wang London by Adam Chan


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