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52 Kikis - Beizi Qu. Words by Adam Chan

A Serendipitous Story:

How 52 Kikis Founder Beizi Qu Turned Childhood Memories Into Fashion Fantasy.

A flourishing fashion brand born out of serendipity, 52 Kikis weaves whimsy into wearable works of art. At the helm is founder Beizi Qu, who transformed cherished childhood memories into an ode to self-expression.

Qu’s path to launching 52 Kikis was paved by a nostalgic childhood nickname — Kiki. Each weekly

product drop channels a different side of Qu's personality, like flipping through the pages of her life.

"The name 52 Kikis was inspired by my childhood nickname. The weekly drops represent different

sides of me as a designer. It’s an outlet for continual exploration and imagination," she explains.

Qu’s background in fashion styling attuned her eye for small details that utterly transform a look.

Craving an avenue for her creative vision, a serendipitous spark was lit. "My sideline in fashion

styling has taught me how the smallest of details can transform a look. This inspired me to develop

a line that focuses on unique touches of playful personalisation, like decorative laces or bricolage

trinkets and offcuts," Qu elucidates.

The result is a brand where emotions are worn on the sleeve, distilled into lacy flourishes and tactile trims. "My designs are guided by an interplay between emotions, experiences and experimentation. Ephemeral experiences and inspirations direct my choice of textures, hues and embellishments to give particular feelings and responses physical form," Qu describes.

52 Kikis - Beizi Qu. Words by Adam Chan

Art, music and nature nudge Qu’s imagination, shaping her experimental design process. "I find inspiration in complexity and coalescence. These factors occur in both nature and culture, and I translate those into products through experimenting with fabrics, colours and embellishments until a design feels right."

Crafting specialty pieces by hand enables Qu to infuse integrity into every item. Her advice to aspiring designers is to "simply start giving your ideas form with whatever materials are to hand, instead of waiting for the perfect moment and set of resources." Qu’s goal is an inclusive community united by creative ethos; As 52 Kikis blossoms, she envisions a growing product line featuring collaborations with like-minded artists and brands, while expanding her platform to become a hub for connecting emerging creatives with established design professionals, brands and events.

At 52 Kikis, a childhood nickname bloomed into an imaginative fashion brand where personalities shine through. For Qu, fashion nurtures freedom - freedom of expression, freedom from convention. Her designs speak this language fluently, making even the ordinary extraordinary.

52 Kikis - Beizi Qu. Words by Adam Chan


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