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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Paris, 02 October 2023

Stella McCartney's Summer 2024 collection is a bold fusion of family, freedom, and eco- consciousness. Her Paris show at the Marché Saxe-Breteuil showcased a sustainable market with 21 stalls, championing pioneering materials and sustainable innovation. Remarkably, 95% of the materials used in this collection are responsibly sourced, marking a new high in McCartney's sustainability journey.

This collection defies traditional fashion boundaries, blending generations and genders seamlessly. Stella revisits her own fashion journey, drawing inspiration from her archive, her parents' wardrobe, and even her daughters' choices. The result is a versatile, ageless collection that celebrates texture, proportion, and artistic flair.

Sustainability takes centre stage in unexpected ways. For instance, hand-crocheted mirrored polka dots adorn knit dresses made from Kelsun™️, a seaweed-based yarn. Lead-free crystals embellish iconic Savile Row tailoring and hot pants, proving luxury can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility.

The collection tells a tuxedo story, transitioning from classic black and white to soft pastels in roomy lurex tailoring. Organic cotton poplin shirting with bibs and matching cummerbund

inserts adds a playful touch. Vintage Wings merchandise graphics pay tribute to Paul and Linda McCartney's rock 'n roll lifestyle, while stage looks are reborn as metallic brocade tailoring and crystal-encrusted waistcoats, merging nostalgia with modernity. The collection's silhouette game is strong, with balloon shapes adorning gowns, mini- dresses, and bomber jackets. Whimsical polka dots add charm to chiffon creations. Embellishments are aplenty, from bugle beads on forest-friendly viscose satin dresses to Stella's iconic painted florals on maxi dresses. Corsets bring sensuality to denim, hot pants, and trousers. Beyond clothing, McCartney's commitment to sustainability shines. The Frayme bag is crafted from vegan leather using grape by-products, reducing waste. The iconic Falabella gets a sustainable twist.

Footwear features sculptural heels with eco-friendly straps, and the S-Wave Sport trainer is entirely sustainable. JBL audio adds a conscious touch, reflecting Stella's musical heritage. In summary, Stella McCartney's Summer 2024 collection is a triumph of sustainability, family, and style. With timeless elegance and innovative materials, she sets the bar high for the fashion world, inspiring a greener future in the industry.


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