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SIMPLE BUT EXTRA by Paulie Eberwein

In this latest online exclusive editorial shot by Paulie Eberwein, we are mixing the old with the new with simple timeless pieces of fashion to keep your wardrobe fresh, and more importantly to also keep it in constant use. With her unique look Jada Joyce shows us how to keep it fresh with an extra twist in timeless contemporary designs that never age from Anne Isabella, Jaquemus and Malaikaraiss.

Jada Joyce at A Management photographed by Paulie Eberwein. Styled by Jules Rumpf.

MakeUp and hair by Melanie Hoppe at Blossom Mgmt

Blazer by Malaikaraiss. Dress by GOOD. Jewellery by Johanna Gauder
Top by Anne Isabella. Skirt by Gembalies Vintage. Jewelery by Johanna Gauder
Suit by PEOPLE. Scarf by GOOD
Pants by Anne Isabella. Jewellery by Johanna Gauder
Shirt by Anne Isabella. Pants by Dorothee Schumacher Vintage. Jewellery by Johanna Gauder
Shirt by Jacquemus. 
Pants by Anima Protection. Jewellery by Johanna Gauder


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