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London. 180 Strand

Empowered, optimistic, delicate, and feminine silhouettes are the way that Paul Costelloe defines his Spring Summer 2019 collection. Costelloe's Woman finds her sensual point by subtly showing her shoulders, she loves the necklines, the mini dresses, the bodies and the tight-fitting garments that she covers with a blazer or a vest.

The volumes on the sleeves, the ruffles and the modern floral prints together with the variety of colors as if it was a cheerful rainbow were joined to the celebration of the talent of the great artisans of their European factories with pure silk blends of Lyon, the fine Emblem Weavers fabrics from Ireland and the intricate Italian jacquards.

Pieces of art that once again demonstrated that the success of collections for women is in the contrast between romantic and sensual and as the designer said, femininity is not a weakness, but must be enjoyed, appreciated and more important, respected.

Words by Andy Durán


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