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Facetime photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlie Newman.

Please can you tell us where you're from and the best thing to do there.

I'm from Ukraine and I'm living near to the very beautiful city of Lviv. I think the best thing to do is just walk between the small streets and feel the whole atmosphere of the old town.

How long have you been modelling for and what has been a career highlight for you?

I started modelling 3 years ago, it was a casual encounter on the street that turned my whole life around.

What was the biggest surprise for you when you first started working in fashion?

The biggest surprise for me was that I made my childhood dream come true and went on the catwalk even when I thought that it could never happen.

And what do you wish people knew more about when it comes to the world of fashion?

I would like people to be more interested in the world of fashion because every year more and more new designers and brands come to the market with their own interesting history.

Drawing from your personal experience, what have you gleaned from working in fashion?

Working in fashion I gained a lot of experience, I also met interesting people and began to travel around the world a lot, I really like

Covid 19 has undoubtedly transformed the way the world now works, the fashion industry included. How would you like to see the industry change for the better in the future?

I hope that we will be more careful and know that we have to take everything seriously or things can get worse.

What have you discovered about yourself throughout the struggles of this year?

During this year I started studying psychology and realized that this is really very interesting science that I think will be useful to everyone.

Who do you look up to in the industry and why?

From the very beginning of my modelling career, Irina Shayk was a role model for me, which I still admire.

What would your advice be to young, up and coming models now?

My advice is to be confident and then you will succeed.

Lastly, with the closing of 2020, what do you hope 2021 brings?

I think that the new year will be really difficult for the fashion world but if we are all more careful, then in time everything will pass.

Olga appears courtesy of UNO Models.


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