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Structured silhouettes and linear textures are combined with subtle elements of fun and cross-country inspired sensibilities as Michiko Koshino presents her Fall Winter 2019 Collection the result is an assemblage of garments that are overtly masculine and yet, still present a sense of intimacy.

A veteran of the menswear industry, Michiko’s ‘Motor King’ collection released in the 1980’s is still referenced today by designers, academics and press alike in homage to this, Michiko has left behind her raving inspirations for a season to revisit the collection that has inspired her brand’s aesthetic for nearly half a century. This season Michiko takes influence from ‘Motor King’ but also many other aspects of her iconic past, the key elements of her brand are re-baptised for a new audience.

A pattern cutter by trade, Michiko's deep understanding of silhouette can be seen within the shape of her garments. Her use of: camouflage, leather, waxed cotton and khaki tones is clearly inspired by the masculinity that society so often associates with cross-country activity. Yet in contrast to this, the use of sketches and graphics that come from her personal artist archive are featured within the collection to provide a more sensitive approach there is always more than meets the eye.

For her Fall Winter 2019 collection, Michiko continues to experiment by returning to the roots of her design principals these latter are characterised by unique silhouettes, strong structures and escapism. Despite returning to the foundations of the brand, the very essence of Michiko Koshino means the collection remains contemporary.

A household name in her native Japan and throughout Europe, Michiko is proud to reinterpret trends that the she has helped create. This approach ensures that Michiko is more sensitive to the brand’s core and its future. She turns the traditional seasonal dogma on its head: summery, rebellious and fluorescent bright lining inside the garments defuse the Autumnal vibe purveyed by Khaki outwear and leather.

Photos by Marco Torri


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