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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

5' ELEVEN'' sat down with Liv Sillinger in November last year, when we just started our Spring Summer 2019 productions. We quickly realized the charming she has, someone humble with a special magnetism and a timeless beauty. She was one of the girls selected by Hedi Slimane to be the new Celine face for his first campaign, and definitely, one of the models to watch for the upcoming seasons.

Right after, a talented full-women-team was commissioned to do with Liv one of our covers. Anna Daki, photographer based in Berlin alongside with Saskia Schmidt, Loni Baur, and Sina Velke, created some of the beautiful images featured in our Spring Summer 2019 Issue.

Where are you originally from and where are you based?

I'm from Germany, Berlin and I'm also based in Berlin although living in Paris for the last month because of the job.

When and how you were scouted?

I was scouted two years ago at a concert in Berlin by my mother agent, Aylin, she scouted me there.

Liv wearing maxi dress by JIL SANDER

What has been your biggest achievement in the industry?

The Celine job, of course. It was pretty cool, I have been exclusive to Celine for the last month so I haven't done nothing else but it has been great to work with the company, people were very nice, great team and a great experience. Kind of a good job and it's a good start for me to coming into the business.

How did you get the exclusive with Celine?

I was in Paris for the very first time and actually, outside of Germany for the first time as a model. I was in Paris walking around meeting some people, doing my castings. At the end, two days before I left Paris I had the casting at Celine and worked with them those two days and back three days later to work with them the whole time.

Who did book you for that?

Ben Grimes was the casting director, but I first met Lotta, also is a very important person for Celine.

What are the goals that you want to reach in your modelling career?

That is actually a good question. There are a few brands I would like to work for, for example like Diesel. It's one of the brands I have been wearing since I was a child, so really I would love to work for them. Or for example, Issey Miyake or Chloé, because I love their perfume. I'm wearing Issey Miyake right now -laughs- that why! Also Louis Vuitton, everybody wants that. I want to meet new people, go to cities I have never been before, for example London.

What do you like best about the industry?

I think it is the people, it's like working with people that you don't know and get to know them, and after some hours or minutes you kind of know the people, and that's pretty cool. Because you are on the same page, you can talk about everything and it's pretty nice. The people I have met so far are great people.

What would you like to change?

Actually, it would be a little bit of my personality because I'm getting very home-sick, very fast. So, that's a big problem in my job, and I would rather change that feeling and getting a little bit sad because of that. Or I would like to have the option to bring more people with me in town but it's too complicated.

Liv wears sequin dress by GIANNI, and earring by ELLERY

In 5' words, how would you describe yourself?

Independent... It's hard!! Very emotional I think. Open-minded. A calm person. Down to earth.

Who do you admire?

There are two German models I really like, Toni Garrn & Lena Gercke. And some people like for example, Karl Lagerfeld. Since I was a child I am a big fan because my father bought me a book about him and I have read it a hundred times!

Who would you nominated for this Q&A?

I also would say Karl Lagerfeld! I mean, I would have so many questions, you can read a lot about him in articles but I would ask him more personal questions. I like his way of thinking, would be more interested in the personal side than fashion.

What would you add about you?

I never had dreams of becoming a model and I'm very grateful to my agency, to Aylin, because without her I would not even have started modeling because I was very shy when I was younger. So I'm very grateful that I met her. Now I am more independent and more self-confident, and it really helps me not only in the business but also in my personal life so I'm very grateful to my family and everyone who supports me.

Photographed by Anna Daki

Styled by Saskia Schmidt

MakeUp by Loni Baur

Hair by Sina Velke

Photo Assistant. Tokio Okada

Liv appears courtesy of Girls Club Management

Liv wears ruffle blouse and trousers by SEE by CHLOÉ

Liv wears floral mini dress by VETEMENTS,

Boots by PROENZA SCHOULER, and shell earring by BEVZA.


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