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"With Fall Winter 2023 we wanted to showcase how the dialogue between new and old homes shape families as they are reunited, and how they combine both African and British cultures in their new environment, preserving traditions from the motherland for generations to come,” said Foday Dumbuya, Creative Director and Founder of LABRUM. The LABRUM Fall Winter 2023 collection did that and more. Set in the iconic Brixton Village market - one of London's most culturally rich and vibrant venues - we travel along the runway with each model on their literal and figurative journeys. Each model carries their traditions, identities, and luxury leather Nosakhari bags - crafted by Nigerian-British, Nosakhare Osadolor. Taking cues from his Spring Summer 2023 Freedom of Movement, Dumbuya's Fall Winter 2023 collection highlights a topic that is at the centre of current discourse - the barriers to the freedom of movement by way of administrative obstacles. Using a print of literal passports and documentation, LABRUM's collection also draws upon the realities of migration - including isolation and longing for familiarity - and their lingering effects on those who travelled even after their arrivals. Titled "From Greener Pastures", the collection beautifully encapsulates this and features earthy brown and green tones which are reminiscent of the familiarity and comfort of the homes travelled from in search of (and in hope of) greener pastures. Arriving at the final piece of the collection - LABRUM features a passport print suit, accessorizing it with a full-size briefcase as the top hat. LABRUM's AW23 show came together by a group of renowned creatives including Ibrahim Kamara, Julianknxx and Yinka Ilori to name a few. All in all, the show was first class in paying homage to who we were, who we are, and who we become. Words by Sandy Aziz.


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