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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

London. The Waldorf Hilton London

Johnstons of Elgin, a pioneer and reference brand for its experience in cashmere revealed its Spring Summer 2019 collection under a presentation at The Waldorf Hilton London.

It was like a "dance" of sophistication and elegance, comfortable pieces in materials such as silk and cashmere cotton that on this occasion were lighter than usual to adapt to the hot days and where the ethics of sustainability was reflected, as the brand collaborates and sponsors the Sustainable Fiber Alliance.

Alan Scott, the Creative Director, produced in Scotland the 20 looks of this following Spring Summer 2019, 15 looks of women and 5 of men that represented the eagerness of the designer to introduce new light and cutting-edge textiles adapted in garments that can be worn throughout the year; with a tropical palette of pastel colors, hot roses, lemon, electric blue that contrasted exquisitely with the neutral cold juxtaposed.

The pieces seemed to be inspired by the waves of an offshore cruise. Scott doesn't stop exploring the forms in this collection with kimono cuts, bulky dresses and pajama styles that bring that relaxed but at the same time a very luxurious air. It should be noted that the fabrics used are exclusive of the brand with cashmere woven in the mill of the company in Elgin, on the banks of the Lossie.

Words by Andy Durán.

Look 15. Yana Van Ginneken

Look 9

Look 1

Look 3. Brynn Bonner

Look 18. Nuria Rothschild

Look 19

Look 16


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