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From a little town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Jessica Clements grew up in the middle of the woods to after moved to a completely opposite place, the concrete jungle that New York is. There, she's based for modeling and at the same manage her well-known Youtube Channel with almost a Million subscriptions. On her channel she talks about lifestyle, makeup and much more with always a very personal point of view.

Do you think the social media have a positive impact?

It's so weird because it's a world of highlights and everybody is putting out there their best thing possible. So I think it's really important for people who have influence to show the awkward part of it, things that make it human, so young people can get the two sides.


What would you change about the fashion industry?

Where do I start? -laughs- There still are a lot of people who treat models as if they were objects. Besides, you even see little things like someone from the brand or a creative director talking about you as if you were not there, and that is hard sometimes. You can feel like trash or disposable to people. I had a job once where I was told not to bring lunch the next day because they had lunch. I got there the next day and they said that the lunch wasn't for me. I think they thought that I was too fat so they didn't want me to lunch on the set. It was the most ridiculous thing ever.

I think a lot about it. Some people get a little bit of power up high and from that position it is easy to look at models as disposable because there are so many of us. If you don't want what I want you to do, there is a lot of girls waiting outside, so there is no need or pressure to be nice with models. There are tons and tons of clients and brands who are nice to models, but you still find those people... It's so sad, especially with 16-17 year-old girls.

How do you visualize your future?

Having a brand of clothing, beauty or skincare to look after, to control and have an impact on something. That's my vision of the future. I know modeling do not last forever and I would love to do it as long as I can. I would love to go to China to learn about Chinese medicine to apply it in Skincare.

Discover Jessica Clements's full Q&A in Fall Winter 2018 - Issue 1. Get your copy here.

Photographs by Edwin S Freyer.

Jessica appears courtesy of Models1.


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