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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

London. Somerset House

Jamie Wei Huang continues with her firm belief in seeking self-expression through the manufacture and use of different materials in each of her pieces. Staying true to her style of silhouettes, built with an enigmatic juxtaposition of fabrics thus creating contemporary looks. Jamie was inspired by the year 2007 and going back to the youth. The energetic impulse for the variety of symbols, narrative objects, and collected materials. The designer counted on this occasion with the collaboration of the artist Yun Ling Chen, where the predominant colors were red, blue, cyan, white and black in fabrics with a lot of structure, the vertical stripes that were perfectly adapted to the cuts. Volumes subtly adjusted to the overlapping pieces and accessories without leaving behind the visual effect created by the transparent garments.

Words by Andy Durán

Look 38

Look 6

Look 3

Look 10

Look 13

Look 16

Look 30

Look 27

Look 23

Look 18

Look 33


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