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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Paul Hendrik Piho wearing Tourne de Transmission

Tourne De Transmission Creative Director & Sane Communications Director. Graeme brings a different point of view of what a PR and a Brand's head is.

› If you could define your style as a designer, what would it be?

I'm not a designer, I don't consider myself a designer, I've never had. I used to draw, but my drawing was a shit (laughs). When I first started the brand, as a consequence of my bad drawing, I decided to do T-shirts, especially for bands and for me. That's where I started, designing graphics.

Slowly, it took me some time to get more ideas and develop, but that's why sometimes brands take a long time to take off, because they need time to manifest. You don't come out of college already with an identity and ready-to-go. I didn't go to the university, so I had to find my own balance, I guess.

In terms of style, there are a lot of 90's references in there, mixed with a lot Japanese references. Every season I look at different cultures around the world. If I see there is anything I can take as an influence, I take it, like Haiti for Winter 18 or Turkey for Spring 19. My first collection for London's Men was based in Colombia.

› If you don't consider yourself as a designer, what are you then?

I'm more a curator, I guess. I pull ideas together, but I got trend designers upstairs who study the product designs, with a much more technical education, I think. Some people are more concerned about a conceptual education, depending on where you have studied. So for me, it's about bringing the ideas together. The concept of each collection is mine, I bring the ideas to the table and I say, “I want these details there”, so the other guys will do it. They make it physical, so to speak. If I say, “I want this print on this piece, or this pocket on this one with this particular part of the garment”, then they'll draw it and manifest it.

Complete Graeme Gaughan interview is featured in Fall Winter 2018 - Issue 1. Get your copy here.

Words by Andy Durán

Photographed by Jade Danielle Smith

Styled by Nathan Henry

Grooming by Fabio Vivan

Paul Hendrick Piho appears courtesy of Sage Management


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