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Versailles born, Gabrielle Rul was introduced to the fashion industry with her Worldwide Exclusive for Louis Vuitton runway during the Fall Winter 2016, but her fashion interest came from far...

› What is your background and what can you tell us about your story as a designer so far?

I’d never been interested in fashion as a child, but I always loved to create and doing crafts, such as knitting, stitching, etc. I realized later that I could do that as a job and met Marie Rucki, the director of le Studio Berçot in Paris. She made me realize how wide the world of fashion is. It was two intense years of learning everything, from drawing, pattern making to how to build a collection. I really had an awesome (but tough at the same time) experience.

› What are your goals for the next couple years?

I don’t set a particular goal. I think in this job you have to have your feet on the ground and accept the present. It’s a strange job, you don’t really control anything. I will carry on doing my art on the side for sure, hoping to get somewhere with it. I would like to find a way to help an organization with it, or doing collaborations with other designers. I’m working on it, but I want to do the things the right way, so I’m not rushing it .

Complete Gabrielle Q&A is featured in Fall Winter 2018 - Issue 1. Get your copy here.

Photographed by Sam Gold

Styled by Helen Anstis

MakeUp by Taka Okada

Hair by Rebekah Calo

Gabrielle Rul appears courtesy of The Hive Management.


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