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180 The Strand, London. February 18th.

Edeline Lee Fall Winter 2019 Collection is inspired by Professor Mary Beard’s seminal text Women & Power, a manifesto exploring 'the public voice of women and our culture assumptions about women’s relationship with power'. Fashion itself is an arena where women are always seen, seldom heard. As a response, the immersive presentation of Edeline Lee is conceived as a two-hour marathon of women’s voices. Edeline gathered a group of prominent women from a range of different professions and viewpoints to deliver orations rooted in their personal experiences and expertise, such as Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter of Yambury, Professor Dame Mary Beard, Tammy Smulders or Dr. Marta Weiss.

In Edeline's words: 'I design for the ‘Future lady’ – a muse that I invented to represent what dignity, grace, femininity, and power look like on a woman of the contemporary world. Fashion is always aspirational. In today’s world, what do we aspire to?'


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