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DI MINNO Opening

Di Minno's Dreamy Soirée Debuts Burlington Arcade Boutique. London, 27th October 2023

Luxury shoe brand Di Minno welcomed guests into an ethereal reverie as they celebrated their new Burlington Arcade boutique. Strategically lit candles cast an intimate glow across Sparrow Italia, heightening the magical ambience.

Gauzy drapes and flickering metallic embellishments conjured a romantic, dreamlike aesthetic. The gossamer setting complemented Di Minno's artisanal heels, which were displayed to transporting effect. This event marks an exciting expansion for Di Minno as they bring their heritage of quality into the prestigious Burlington Arcade.

The soirée introduced stylish Londoners to the brand's elegant designs. According to Creative Director Franca Aschenbrenner, "London is the home of the cosmopolitan woman, making it a visionary city for my designs." By manifesting an enchanted atmosphere, Di Minno demonstrated their perfect alignment with Burlington Arcade's refined principles. It was a dreamy debut for the boutique.


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