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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Paris. Longchamp Racecourse.

Maria Grazia Chiuri managed to connect us with the deepest part of ourselves in the latest Dior Spring Summer 2019 Women's Collection. Dance as a liberating act, an expression that uses rhythm, movement, and music. And there is nothing that defines the body more than the combination of that beautiful discipline. The inspiration was taken from the work of several artists who modified the established codes of the modern dance and created another idea of the body in movement with a right relationship between space, time and nature.

Christian Dior loved to dance and at this time Maria Grazia paid another tribute to him by counting on the heroines of contemporary dance: Loïe Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth Saint Denis, Martha Graham, and Pina Bausch. They developed their discipline in connection with the origins of the world and the vital energy generated by different cultures. Sharon Eyal one of the most recognized choreographies of our time and whom, Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to associate with the show commented: "It is not a matter of corporal perfection, but of flexibility and force of movement". And it was nothing more than that, the fact that dance has been and will be the most universal expression meaning of all times.

Each of the pieces and each look of the collection revealed that essence of flexibility and lightness that was accentuated with the choice of nude tones. We could notice in the broad and airy skirts different variations corresponding to the movements of the body, and in the pieces -as the short and long tutus- with specific volume a relation with the male dance costumes. The replacement of the iconic corset for a simple tank, the ethereal dresses as a layer of tulle, the emphasis of the relaxed silhouette provided by the jeans, the extravagance of the feathers, the skirts worn under the coats, the large jackets and the fading colors on the surface of the light in the dresses were enhanced by the incredible braided ribbon shoes from foot to ankle, which rested on the transparency of a Plexiglas heel.

The shower of rose petals and the wonderful energy of moving bodies enveloped a sophisticated collection and created an atmosphere of optimism. A freedom that evoked once again the powerful and delicate explosion of the female imagination.

Words by Andy Durán

Look 13. Ninouk Akkerman

Look 76. Ratner

Look 73. Africa Peñalver

Look 68. Giselle Norman

Look 63

Look 33

Look 54. Alexandra Micu

Look 20. Sora Choi

Look 29

Look 51. Léa Julian

Look 16 & Look 17

Look 46. Jing Wen

Look 41

Look 87 -closed- Ruth Bell


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