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Cecilie Bahnsen Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Paris, 27 September 2023 PFW Paris Fashion Week

Cecilie Bahnsen Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Paris, 27 September 2023

Cecilie Bahnsen's Spring Summer 2024 collection presents an intimate love letter to the craft

of fashion. Guests in Paris were able to appreciate the intricate details and care put into each

look before they floated down the runway.

As Bahnsen reflects, "Creating this collection, I thought about the paradox of couture. Up close, a dress is filled with intricacy, you can almost feel the make's hand, the love and tenderness creating" This season refines Bahnsen's romantic, feminine aesthetic. Familiar codes like denim and gingham are elevated through couture techniques. A cropped denim jacket and flouncy skirt trimmed in red stitching unite functionality and high fashion. While black and white ground the collection, pops of blush pink to fiery red inject joy and passion. The venue reflects the concept of faraway, so close. Guests sat intimately around the runway, examining each look before the model stepped back, and the dress took on an ethereal lightness. This let Bahnsen bravely showcase fashion's beauty up close. As always with Bahnsen, fantasy mixed with reality, she continues refining her vision of "everyday couture" - special yet wearable pieces invoking imagination. While the clothes seemed effortless gliding down the runway, behind the scenes, meticulous craftsmanship was evident. As Bahnsen notes, "I wanted to be brave, to show the beauty so close, not only far away." This collection revels in revealing the hidden details, creating her romantic silhouettes. It's both a love letter to her team and a reminder of fashion's power to transport us through storytelling.


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