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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Meet our cover model Callum Stoddart, at 21 years old, he’s taking the fashion world by storm. Represented by IMG London, Paris and Milan, he’s already earned his stripes by working for clients like Dior Homme, Neil Barrett, Bottega Veneta or Helmut Lang. No wonder with that brilliant fresh, yet somehow nostalgic look he’s got about him. While he’s at it, he’s making some pretty amazing music too, by himself and as a part of the talented group Ecsternal Complex. We were thrilled to sit down and chat about unexpected trips, Wandsworth, travelling and making music on the way.

Words by Simone Doreleijers. Photographed by Silvana Trevale.

It’s such a pleasure to have you Callum! How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Thank you for having me! I’m a 21 year old musician and model from South West London.

Where are you based at the moment? What personal favourite spots would you recommend if we were to visit for a weekend?

I’m currently based in Wandsworth, where I recommend enjoying the views of the Thames at sunset and getting food at Wandsworth Town, or the shopping mall close by. There are also a few bouldering gyms nearby that I like to go to.

Callum wears Air Brake t-shirt and trousers by Christopher Raeburn. T-shirt worn under by Levi's

You’ve had yet another impressive show season. What was your favourite moment this season and can you tell us more about it?

My favourite moment this season had to be during New York Fashion Week, when my agent called and told me to pack my things to fly to LA that same evening. It was for a shoot, and the location was in the desert. I felt like I was in a scene out of Breaking Bad, it was such an unexpected and enjoyable trip.

Despite the fact that you’ve worked with an impressive list of designers, there must be one that is still high on your wish list. Who is your dream designer or brand to work for?

Personally, my dream designer to work for is Prada. I love vintage and current Prada pieces, especially bags and shoes.

Have you always been interested in the fashion industry? What attracted you to becoming a model?

I used to be very interested in streetwear, but apart from that I didn't really take too much of an interest in fashion or the fashion industry. I had never even thought about modelling before I signed in 2017. My friend told me he thought I should go to meet his agent, so I did - and things just started kicking off from there.

Callum by Patrick Demarchelier Dior Homme Black Carpet SS18

Modelling must have changed your life to some extent. What has changed the most in your life? What would you be doing right now if you weren’t modelling?

Modelling has absolutely changed my life and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. The fact that I have been able to travel, experiencing other cultures and ways of life, has been something that I don't think I would be doing if I hadn’t started modelling. If I had never become a model I would probably be at University studying Jazz or another form of music performance/production.

You must be a pro at travelling by now. Any travel tips to make our lives easier?

I recommend drinking loads of water during and before the flight, and also using a neck pillow if you plan to sleep on the flight.

From what I found out about you, you are very talented when it comes to music. I checked out your Soundcloud ( and I love what you do! Do you still have time to make your own material? Where do you find inspiration for new tracks?

I still make plenty of music, but I haven't been posting any of it. I like to hang on to my tracks so I can improve them, but then usually move onto another track before it’s finished. When I travel I always bring my laptop and keyboard with me, as I like to make music in different cities and see if I can hear the difference in each track’s sound. I feel like I take inspiration from what’s going on around me when I make a song or a beat. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music, check back soon to see if I've posted anything new!

Callum wears Spot camp crew knit jumper by Christopher Raeburn.

Can you tell us a bit more about Ecsternal Complex?

Ecsternal Complex is a group of talented individuals, all childhood friends who have different skillsets. We produce, rap, sing, film and do all the art ourselves. We have been making music together for about 5 years and continue to learn and improve as artists.

What are your absolute favourite bands/artists at the moment? What did you last listen to on Spotify?

Currently I'm listening to a lot of Jazz, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass. It’s a pretty random selection of genres, but I listen to a wide variety of music. Artists like Mansur Brown, Makaya McCraven, Alfa Mist, Yussef Dayes, Sam Gellaitry, and Ben Snow.

What are your dreams and aspirations for the future?

In the future I hope to improve myself as a musician and really focus on my production skills - showcasing what I have to offer in a unique way.


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