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Updated: Mar 5

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2024 Collection. Paris, 2 March 2024

By Adam Chan

As a dedicated follower of Alexander McQueen's legacy and a keen observer of fashion evolution,

attending the Autumn/Winter 2024 runway show at the SEGRO Centre Parts Les Gobelins was both

a privilege and an exciting prospect. With Sean McGirr at the helm as the newly appointed creative

director, expectations were high.

From the moment the first model stepped onto the runway, it was evident that this collection was a

tribute to the genius of Lee Alexander McQueen himself. Drawing inspiration from iconic

McQueen designs such as "The Bird" collection from Spring/Summer 1995 and Spring/Summer

1996's "The Hunger," the pieces exuded a sense of familiarity intertwined with modernity.

The materials used in some garments harkened back to McQueen's early designs, capturing the

essence of his avant-garde aesthetic. However, it was the accessories, particularly the jewelleries

and bags, that stole the spotlight. Versatile and exquisite, these pieces seamlessly integrated into

everyday wear, adding a touch of luxury to even the most mundane of days.

The collection artfully combined elements from past McQueen collections, such as the "Widows of

Culloden" from Autumn/Winter 2006 and the iconic SS01 dress worn by Kate Moss. Yet, there was

a fresh perspective infused into each piece, a testament to Sean McGirr's unique vision for the

brand's future.

Throughout the show, it was evident that the collection also carried forward the vision established

by Sarah Burton, maintaining the brand's commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and innovation.

However, not every aspect of the collection elicited the same level of excitement. While the beading

and textured works were beautifully executed, they failed to evoke profound reactions, blending

into the background rather than commanding attention.

Additionally, the commercial use of cable knit techniques in some looks seemed geared towards

mass appeal rather than pushing creative boundaries. Nonetheless, the impeccable tailoring

showcased in both the men's and women's wear remained true to the spirit of Alexander McQueen,

offering a modern interpretation of classic elegance.

The runway presentation was a testament to the brand's enduring legacy and its ability to evolve

while staying true to its roots. Each garment told a story, weaving together elements of tradition and

innovation to create a collection that captivated the audience from start to finish.

In conclusion, the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection by Alexander McQueen under the creative

direction of Sean McGirr was a triumph, paying homage to the brand's heritage while charting a

course towards a bold and exciting future. As a loyalist and avid consumer, I eagerly anticipate what

the next chapter holds for this iconic fashion house.


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