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WILDWOOD FLOWER by Jaime Linwood

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

For our latest online editorial shot in the Hunter's Valley in NWS, Australia, photographer Jaime Linwood captures Alicia Davis as she wanders this sleepy outlying farmstead. Looking casual cool in comfy laidback fashion by designers Anna Quan, Maggie Marilyn, Magali Pascal and Aje, topping off the look with the perfect accessory Outback Hat.

Styled by Emma Cotterill at Reload Agency. MakeUp by Tracy Terashima. Hair by James Pearce.

Assistant, James Malone. Special thanks to Andrew and Nicky Coroneo.

Knitted dress by Anna Quan. Leather dress by COS. Socks by Zara. Boots by RM Williams
Dress by Maggie Marilyn. Akubra Hat by R.M.Williams
Dress by Maggie Marilyn. Boots by COS. Akubra Hat by R.M.Williams
Jumpsuit by Magali Pascal. Coat by Aje. Socks by Zara. Boots by RM Williams. Necklace and bag by Rylan.
Jacket by Trelise Cooper. Pants by Magali Pascal. Necklace by Carou Jewellery
Velvet shirt by Emporio Armani. Woolen pants by Anna Quan. Quilted coat by Aje. Earrings by Carou Jewellery. Bag by Oroton. Boots by COS
Coat by COS. Bikini by Hakea
Knitted top and skirt by COS. Bag by Oroton


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