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Today, March 8th, Luxury German car manufacturer Wiesmann unveiled 'Project Thunderball' with three limited design concepts created in partnership with studiokurbos. 5ELEVEN team travelled to Germany to see on first sight the intersection and perfect harmony between car design, luxury and technology. The project was introduced by Roheen Berry, owner and CEO of Wiesmann and head of this creative process and Andreas Kurbos, owner and CEO of studiokurbos.

This state-of-the-art electric powertrain car was introduced with three different designs, very different between them. The first and our favourite concept, was inspired by Cote d'Azur and the memories of the sensation of the warm sun of our faces, the wind and the sight of sparkling waters. A bespoke blue ocean metallic for the exterior and vibrant orange leathers with soft-touch cream canvas accents inside.

The second designed was inspired by the roaring twenties Gatbsy era and the iconic F. Scott Fitzgerald character. A bold golden hue contrasted with a deep burgundy leather interior.

The third was inspired by the Dark Knight and the dark side of the superhero's era. finished in an exquisite matt black exterior and highlighted with black gloss details, with Carbon fibre and matt black leather makes decorating the interior.


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