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Photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlotte Coquelin

Tessa appears courtesy of Marilyn Paris. Hair by Pierre Ginsburg.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words? What country are you from and what country are you in?

My name is Tessa Jones and I am from Chester in the Northwest of England, but right now I am living in Madrid.

Can you tell us 3 goals of yours for 2022?

In terms of career goals, I’m finally going to spend time in New York. I was supposed to go in March 2020, but now I’ll finally go in March 2022! I’m excited to see how work goes there, as well as having a new city to explore. I also study French and Spanish at university online, so I want to continue to improve my languages as it’s something I find really rewarding. My friends are really important to me so I want to spend as much time as I can with them, the pandemic made me realise how important human connection is and something we shouldn’t take for granted.

Do you have any other travel plans organized for this year?

I don’t have any solid travel plans yet, but if I’m back in Europe for summer I want to explore more of Spain, especially the islands, and hopefully a festival in Croatia as well.

What was your best modelling job and why?

I loved shooting the Nuxe Beauty campaign in the south of France; it’s a brand that I’ve loved for a long time and France has always been special to me as I went a lot with my family when I was younger.

Who is your fashion icon/role model in the industry?

I am constantly inspired by the teams I work with, I always feel lucky to be surrounded by such dynamic and creative people. I love being a part of their creative process and learning from everyone in different ways.

Do you have a green thumb? Do you have some house plant? A little vegetable garden?

I’m not a naturally green-thumbed person, but during the first lockdown, I helped my mum with our vegetable garden. Each morning I’d get up and pick fresh raspberries to put in my porridge and it helped me feel really grounded in those uncertain months.

What is your earliest memory of flowers?

We have a lot of beautiful woods near where I’m from and on some of the first days of Spring I’d go on a walk with my family to see all the snowdrops that had grown after Winter. It’s always comforting to see the first flowers of the year and feel like Summer is on its way.

What is your favourite flower?

I love sunflowers, there’s something really simple and mood-lifting about them. It's happiness in a flower!

What is the worst type of flowers someone could ever offer you?

Being given flowers is always a loving gesture where someone’s picked them out and thought of you, I can’t think of flowers I wouldn’t want to receive!

What have you changed in your daily routine to help fight climate change?

Small changes definitely add up to make a difference, whether using a steel water bottle or being mindful in the supermarket to choose fruit that isn’t wrapped in plastic. Also, reusable cotton pads after a shoot are always handy. If you do need to use a disposable mask for whatever reason, make sure to cut the straps so animals’ little feet don’t get caught in the loops!


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