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Susan Fang Fall Winter 2024 Collection. London Fashion Week, 19 February 2024

Susan Fang Fall Winter 2024 Collection. London, 19 February 2024

Susan Fang's Fall Winter 2024 collection transformed Yeomanry House into a transcendent sanctuary. Creative director Susan Fang transported guests into her imaginative realm of airy whimsy. Models emerged between blossoming floral windmill sculptures, evoking the designer’s vision for a peaceful, fantastical home.

Fang introduced innovative air-whirl organza techniques, with ribbons swirling in ombré gradients resembling coral reefs. Vibrant knitwear took colour cues from marine life, like misty blues fading into pinks. Down jackets were intricately stitched with Fang’s signature stars and clover hearts. Sparkling constellations swirled across shawls, conjuring cosmic dreams.

The collaboration with Nike highlighted humanity’s bond with nature. Classic trainers were deconstructed and reimagined with 3D florals. White flowers bloomed across Vomero and Air Max shoes, blending athleisure with fantasy. Delicate fabrics floated down the runway, juxtaposed by chunky trainers in a playful styling surprise.

As Fang reflected, “Butterflies Transform, Flourishing Amidst Wind and Flowers.” While looks seemed light as air, intricate embroidery and knitting techniques shone. This collection revelled in revealing Fang’s tactile artistry and deep admiration for the natural world.

From set design to innovative fabrics, her team brought imaginative breadth to this seasonal sanctuary. Fang presented fashion’s power to construct dreamlike homes, transcending earthly constraints. Within Yeomanry House, she summoned a realm of harmony between humanity and nature.


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