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Silvia Nicoletti is a dreamer that find her place into fashion after finished her photography degree at Parsons in NYC. During her career, she has been an agent at Viva London, Bespoke Producer at Glamour UK and currently, she is the Production Manager at Across Media Productions, working alongside Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

Silvia, How is a day at 'office' like?

I reckon what I like about it is that every day is different. You don't even know what you are walking into until you arrive -laughs-. Sometimes you think 'today is going to my relaxing day' and suddenly everything turns upside-down on your way to work, because something has been confirmed or changed and everything goes crazy, but I love it. In fact, I know that I could not be at a job with the same thing happening every day. I feel that everyone in our industry is in it because they are passionate about it, not because they are trying to make tons of money. I mean, yes, that would be lovely, but you should pursue your own dreams as we are all dreamers.

Fashion is a highly-demanding industry. How demanding is working for Mert & Marcus?

You have to really want it, in my opinion. Nothing worth having comes easy. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's a lot of work, though you are constantly thinking and feeling that you're forgetting something when you work for people on a certain level like Mert & Marcus, who are at the top of their game. They are like rockstars of the photo world, among others of course, but they really are an iconic duo.

So, if you want to work for them, you need to put in, you cannot just think it's going to be easy-peasy. People know it is not, but we're talking about character building, you cannot feel sorry for yourself if you're knackered, you just keep going. Even so, you learn a lot and you are in the middle of such amazing photo shoots, that it's worth it.

Madonna photographed by Mert & Marcus. Production by Across Media.

Getting back to your photographer side, do you think you will find a moment in the future to focus on it full time?

I would love to, really. If I could resume that, it would be amazing. It's always been my passion. I always carry on my camera with me, I take photos all the time, not as I used to, though, not in a studio setting. You lose a little bit of confidence if you are not constantly shooting. I am sure photographers look back at their work and hate it, so imagine me -laughs-.

What do you want to be?

Happy! -laughs-. I want to feel fulfilled. It's not as easy as it sounds, because we are so hungry for the next thing, so if in the next 2-3 years I feel fulfilled in my personal life and work, I reckon I'd have done something right.

Source: @mertalas instagram

Read the full Silvia Nicoletti's interview featured in the Fall Winter 2018. Get your copy here.

Words by Edwin S Freyer.

All photographs below by Silvia Nicoletti.


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