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Roaming in the woods photographer PJ Lam takes us on a whimsical escapade, featuring Jasmine Daniels as the beautiful and mystical woodland nymph in this fairytale inspired editorial. Wearing some of winters more dreamy creations the tone is set with soft romantic floral ruffles, mermaid tail-like trousers or tulle ruffle headress, styled by Anais Kevorkian. The wild brushed out hair and the dewy skin by Sacha Harford completes the look for this fanciful fantasy.

Art direction and photography by PJ Lam. Styled by Anais Kevorkian.

Hair and Makeup by Sacha Harford. Photo assistant, Cheyenne Beverley.

Dress by KKCo. Dress underneath by Ex Mermaid. Tights by Calzedonia. Boots by Paula Torres.
Pants wear as top by Monzlapur. Pants by Ex Mermaid.
Top by Kelsey Randall.
Dress by Ex Mermaid.
Hat by Ex Mermaid. Top by O.I.A.
Top by Kelsey Randall. Skirt by Undertop.
Top by Monzlapur.
Dress by Elizabeth Brown. Tights by Calzedonia. Boots by Paula Torres.
Dress by Elizabeth Brown.


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