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RIDDLE by Irina Bunyatyan

Like a puzzle to be solved in our latest online editorial photographer Irina Bunyatyan has pieced together parts of the story but not the whole, leaving behind a beautiful enigma of obscured faces and captivating fashion by Michael Kors, Vertigo, Nastya Nekrasova and Inaya.

Photographed by Irina Bunyatyan. Styled by Ekaterina Budanova.

Hair and Makeup by Galina Kachalova for Yun-A and Tatyana Hrolenko for Alina & Sveta.

Blouse by Michael Kors
Total look by Inaya
Suit by Vertigo. Hat by Helen Hats. Shoes by Converse All Star.
Suit by Vertigo. Shoes Stylist's own
Coat by Nastya Nekrasova Design. Trousers by Oldnew Vintage
Top and skirt by Katysheva. Hat by Jacquemus
Trench by Gentle.mode. Dress by Katysheva. Shoes Stylist's Own
Dress by Katysheva Tights by Calzedonia. Shoes Stylist's own


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