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Qasimi Spring Summer 2025 Collection. London, 8 June 2024

Qasimi Spring Summer 2025 Collection. London, 8 June 2024

Qasimi Returns to the Runway under Hoor Al Qasimi

On a balmy afternoon, the 8th of June, Qasimi's Spring Summer 2025 collection debuted in the industrial grandeur of Wapping Power Station, North London. As the golden hour bathed the venue in a warm glow, the stage was set for a fashion show that would be as much a feast for the eyes as it was a celebration of artistic collaboration and innovation.

The collection's highlight was undoubtedly the hand-blown glass jewellery, shimmering with an ethereal quality that caught the light beautifully. These pieces, delicate yet bold, were a testament to Qasimi's commitment to craftsmanship and detail.

True to the brand's ethos, the collection featured Qasimi's signature earthy tones, creating a palette that felt both grounded and sophisticated. The colour story was a journey through rich blues and serene greys, hues that embodied a romantic yet masculine vibe. This was Qasimi's world of comfy luxury, where relaxed silhouettes invited the wearer to indulge in a sartorial embrace of ease and elegance.

A significant collaboration with artist Kambui Olujimi brought an added layer of depth to the collection. Olujimi's digital prints, vivid and thought-provoking, adorned the garments, transforming each piece into a canvas of wearable art. The prints, a fusion of contemporary artistry and fashion, were not just decorations but narratives woven into the fabric.

Structured and collapsing necklines added architectural intrigue to the pieces, creating a dynamic interplay between form and function. These designs showcased Qasimi's ability to blend the avant-garde with the wearable, resulting in a collection that was both innovative and accessible.

The food at the afterparty was on par with the high standards set by the collection itself—exquisite and memorable. As the evening progressed, it became clear that Qasimi had not just presented a collection but an experience. This was a journey through artistry, craftsmanship, and visionary design.

In every stitch and silhouette, Qasimi's Spring Summer 2025 collection redefined the boundaries of fashion, proving that true luxury lies in the perfect blend of comfort, creativity, and a touch of the extraordinary.


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