Pol likes to take different roles in front of the camera. Although her appearance is soft and dreamy (will you look at those eyes!), in daily life you’ll find her in boyfriend jeans and a white tee. Simple simplicity, but this beauty does not need anything else to compliment her look. Casting directors sure haven’t missed her, as she was spotted on the runways of Gucci, Nina Ricci and Emilio Pucci last season. Nevertheless, she still has many dream designers on her bucket list and she is well underway of making those dreams come true. Today however, this bubbly personality stopped to give us a glimpse of her life as a model.

Words by Simone Doreleijers.

Photos by Edwin S Freyer. Styled by Marian Nachmia.

I love the name Pol! Where does it come from?

Thank you! It comes from my original name – Polina. So easy.

How old were you when you started modelling?

I was 14 when I started modelling. It was something new and completely different from my life at school. It was like another life, where I could do whatever I wanted to do. In front of camera I can play different roles. But all of them come from my feelings and emotions.

You have an impressive resumé when it comes to fashion shows. Fashion month must be very hectic for you. What do you do to get through it in one piece?

I just try to relax and enjoy every second of my life. But a cup of coffee every morning vastly improves my day for sure.

What is the first thing you do when show season is over?


Love or Confusion bleached navy denim jacket by Nok Nok. Checked skirt by Le Kilt.

What show would be your dream to be a part of, and why is that?

I’d like to work with Raf Simons, Miuccia Prada, Caroline Roitfeld, Oliver Rousteing in any show.

What was your favourite job so far?

I loved all my jobs, but my favourites were two fittings. The first was for British Vogue with Venetia Scott, and the second was for Marella with Margherita Moro.

You have a gorgeous classical appearance and people seem to like you in quite dreamy romantic roles. How is that compared to who you are in daily life?

Thank you! I think classic is always a good idea. And it’s almost the same with my daily life. But in normal life, my appearance is much more easy-going. Boyfriend jeans, a white shirt, sneakers – that’s it! For castings, I prefer something cheekier.

Pol walking for Gucci Spring Summer 2020

If it was up to you, what role would you love to transform into on a job?

My dream would be to transform into a girl from the 90s. It looked like such a wonderful time! Dangerous, but full of fun, freedom and the beginning of something new! Oh yes!

What are the best perks of being a model?

I think one of the more important perks is independence. Being away from home, we need to think about how to allocate your budget, how to problem-solve things for yourself etc. And in the end, models become much more independent people. And the best perk is, of course, the ability to travel. You can see a lot of countries. It’s so interesting.

Love or Confusion bleached navy denim jacket by Nok Nok. Checked skirt by Le Kilt.

What would you be doing if you were not modelling?

I would be a geographer.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Ok, so, I’ll tell you my secret… Ok, I love pizza and pasta.

MakeUp by Linda Johansson @One Represent using Shiro Cosmetics.

Hair by Cher Savery using Moroccanoil. Photo assistant, Martina Lahore.

Fashion assistants, Victoria Fiorina & Gestine Bondad.

Pol appears courtesy of Titanium Management.

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Black Blazer by Barena Venezia. Black pinstripe shorts by Weekday. Wool knit by McQ. Sneakers by Levi’s.

Black Blazer by Barena Venezia. Black pinstripe shorts by Weekday. Wool knit by McQ. Sneakers by Levi’s.



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