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Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Paris, 29 September 2023 Lily Nova PFW Paris Fashion Week

Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Paris, 29 September 2023

Paul & Joe's Spring Summer 2024 collection conjures up a playful, theatrical world inspired by the Italian Comedia Dell'Arte. In Paris, guests witnessed a dreamlike realm materialise on the catwalk, veiled in ruffles, sequins, and bloomers.

Words by Adam Chan.

Creative director Sophie Mechaly immersed us in the vivacious atmosphere of 16th century theatre troupes, when women first took the stage. This collection celebrates the spirit of empowered femininity through romantic, fanciful clothes.

Familiar codes like polka dots and voile cotton are elevated through Trompe L'oeil accents and Chantilly lace overlays. While white grounds the collection, pops of marshmallow pink and lemon yellow inject optimism. The venue reflects the concept of illusion and abundance. Guests indulged in fanciful foods at a decorated dinner table while models floated by, bringing the clothes to life.

As Mechaly notes, "No mask, but abundance" guides the collection, conjuring up Columbine's free spirit. Fantasy mixes with reality as ornate embroidery and glittering accents inject a magical luminosity. While the clothes seem light and carefree, intricate craftsmanship granted weight behind the scenes.

This collection revels in sparkling embellishments and cascading ruffles, creating an atmosphere of whimsy and vibrance. It's a tribute to the design team and an invocation of fashion's power to transport us into joyful revelry. Paul & Joe presents a dreamy escape through craft and imagination.


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