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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Shoreditch Studios, London. June 9th, 2019.

Contemporary silhouettes and aesthetically designed detailing are prominent within Michiko Koshino’s Spring Summer 2020 collection. The brand is instantly recognizable through its DNA and is noticeable from the fits and volumes. This collection portrays Michiko’s brand emerging into a slightly more versed mind-set with products that appear softer and less adventuresome than may be expected.

A veteran of the London fashion industry, Michiko’s collections have previously sought inspiration and references from the most irreverent and the unusual. Decades of inspiration have led to decades of success. Michiko’s collections have used fabrics and storytelling to raise questions about identity, distribution of power and various social and cultural discourses.

In a world where content is developed and discarded faster than ever, there is a thin line between inspiration and imitation. As a reaction to this, Michiko’s only inspiration is the evolution of her brand and yet this collection unintentionally reflects the overall sentiment of our current culture. The progress of Michiko’s work illustrates key pieces being redeveloped to a modern audience who desire ready-to-wear products. This includes polo shirts and knitwear, which are prominently crafted in highly fine materials. Michiko’s team researched to uncover the finest Italian fabrics. The collection is made up of cotton, nylon, silk and mixed-fibre fabrics. Many colours used in this collection are on-brand for Michiko but with a softer-approach. The colour palette includes: white, sand, mud, pastel prints and khaki tones, which make for stand-out yet wearable garments.

In an attempt to overcome the seasonal timeline and constraints of the industry, this collection fuses womenswear and menswear without any particular garment being androgynous. Each item is shaped specifically for men and for women, keeping the fits clear and differentiated. Despite exploring a new brand evolution, which has resulted in some calm and clean aesthetics, the very essence of Michiko Koshino means the collection remains contemporary.

Photographed by Marco Torri.


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