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More than a decade into his celebrated and eponymous label Michael Lo Sordo has given us yet another mind-blowing collection. Michael loves to design for every woman “There is not a specific Michael Lo Sordo woman, no one is excluded, there is a different piece for every type of woman”. He loves to keep renewing his designs while always staying true to his DNA but his latest collections now have a new and important touch: sustainability. Lo Sordo’s goal is for the fabric to be sustainable while still keeping it of the highest quality We are proud to say that our collection is completely ethical and it has not been an easy journey”.

Photography by Daniel Nadel. Styled by Emma Cotterill at Reload Agency.

All clothes by Michael Lo Sordo. Jewellery by Balyck Jewellery. Shoes by RM Williams.

What are the main inspirations behind the Fw22?

I don’t generally have an inspiration. I think about the woman I want to dress, where she is going, what she would wear and I offer her the wardrobe for it. I guess if I had to name my main inspiration, I would say my friends and the people surrounding me.

Who’s your muse for this collection and who has been in the past?

All the women around me are my muses, but if I had to think of one girl who inspired and still inspires me, it is my dear friend Alexandra Agoston. She came in for a casting one day and we became friends instantly. She is very personable. I still call her every day and often need to see some of my pieces on her.

Favourite fabrics and pieces?

My favourite thing is to always stay true to my DNA. I also love silk. But recently our main goal for our fabrics had been to remain sustainable while retaining the highest quality.

We had to check our production lines, contact new ethical companies and learn about natural fibres. We are proud to say that our collection is now completely ethical and it has not been an easy journey.

Who is the kind of woman you design for?

I like to think that everyone can wear my clothes; there is not a specific Michael Lo Sordo woman so no one is excluded and there is a different piece for every type of woman. I always love to check the feedback to make sure I hear everyone.

What is the best aspect of the Australian fashion scene? What needs to change?

The Australian fashion scene is still so young. I feel so inspired when looking at our community at how everyone knows each other and we always meet up overseas, respect and support other designers.

Australian designers have made an impact overseas (such as Dion Lee). You can always see the Australian touch.

Something I would like to change is probably the level education for the consumer, for Australians to understand the importance of buying local, to buy quality over quantity.


Australian Talent piece appears in the Fall Winter 2021 Issue 7.


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