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Photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlotte Coquelin

Marianne appears courtesy of Women Paris

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I'm Marianne, I have double nationality, Brazilian and Portuguese. My city in Brazil is called Assaí, you pronounce as the fruit Açai. I have a dog named Jimmy, in honor of James Dean. And with my job and anything I do, I try to create art.

What country are you from and what country are you in?

I'm living in Lisbon, Portugal since I was 8 years old and right now im in Paris, France.

Can you tell us 3 goals of yours for 2022?

- Bring my father and brother to visit Lisbon, they are in Brazil since 2008.

- Help people in any way I can.

- Live my dreams and be in the present.

Do you have any travel plans organized for this year?

I have been traveling since the year started, I went to Brazil in December, went back to Lisbon, then to Italy, Spain and France. I take each day as it comes.

What was your best modelling job and why?

I appreciate every job I had, some maybe because I was excited to see the final results plus the brand I was working for and some for the experience while I was shooting on crazy locations, etc. Can’t choose one, they all tell a story, that is important to me.

Who is your fashion icon/role model in the industry?

I love everyone from the 90’s, Peter Lindbergh was my favourite photographer, his pictures told a story and that inspired me a lot. Also if I could choose a model I would say Linda Evangelista, she changed so much in every shoot she did.

Do you have a green thumb? Do you have some house plant? A little vegetable garden?

I'm terrible with plants, unfortunately. I tried really hard to have some plants in my house but they all end up dying. I still have one, she's fighting hard to survive but no matter what I do, she's giving up. My brother in Brazil has a mini garden, he has a tree of figs, a lot of flowers, etc. I'm so jealous so lately I have been asking him tips. Maybe in the future I will have a farm of my own, with a lot of plants and animals. Probably will pay someone to take care of them, but you got to do what you got to do -laughs-.

What is your earliest memory of flower?

Roses, the first time someone gave me roses.

What is your favourite flower?

Sunflower, I used to have one in my garden when i was little. But I like to receive roses, they are special.

What is the worst type of flowers someone could ever offer you?

There’s no such thing as receiving bad flowers, they are all beautiful. But if you give me one that is planted, and I have to take care of, I won’t be happy because it’s going to die on my watch.

What have you changed in your daily routine to help fight climate change?

I wish I could do more, I do what it is in my power, and probably helps a little bit but this is a problem that the whole world, specially who’s in power should act. I can’t control what billions of people do, but some people can.


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