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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

We spoke with Luis Domingo, the young scout talent whose passion for modeling one day put him in the perfect place and at the right time to embark on a career in one of the most prestigious agencies worldwide, IMG. His scouts included models like Elibeidy, Licett Morillo, Alina Bolotina, Kimberly Gelabert or Yorgelis Marte.

Words & Photography by Edwin S Freyer.

What was your background before you started working at IMG London?

Before joining IMG I was studying in Spain. I always had a passion for the modeling industry and I knew I wanted to work in the field after graduating. During my final year I met with Jeni Rose, IMG Models Senior Vice President, in Paris, and she offered me a job. When I got the offer, I remember that I told her I had never had a job before and she answered, “you have the eye, everything else you will learn”.

Why did you come up with the idea to be a Scout? What skills do you have that makes you succeed in what you do?

The modeling industry has intrigued me since a young age. I was always following the careers of global models, I knew all of their names, the campaigns they were doing, and so forth. I think my interest has benefited my role, but also having an eye for aesthetics, and the knowledge of what’s working right now and what creatives are inspired by.

Elibeidy for Calvin Klein 205w39nyc

Fall 2017 Campaign by Willy Vanderperre

You are scouting all around the globe, what is the mentality that IMG has for that and how competitive is the scouting scene nowadays?

One of our main aims when scouting is to seek authentic diversity, which is why we, as scouts, travel all around the world, finding models anywhere and everywhere, from different countries and backgrounds. We always say there are models everywhere in the world, you just need to go there to find them.

You see the people from the earliest stages, what are the key points when you feel that someone is the next face of a big brand or that they are going to have a proper career as a model?

Personality is a big factor to take into consideration – a good model is always someone people like to have around and work with. It is also very important to have a mature presence, with strong determination and motivation to be a model full-time. There are so many beautiful and interesting people out there, so these characteristics really make a difference when growing a career as a model.

And what case do you have as a remarkable achievement in your career so far?

There have been so many, but one of my most recent successes was scouting Licett Morillo who walked the final look in Prada Spring Summer 2019, and lead the finale. She was the first black model to close Prada so it was a great moment for us, and for the industry.

Licett Morillo in exclusive for Prada Spring Summer 2019

What are your thoughts about making models wait until they turn 18 to start before they work as a model? Do you think that could help to protect the models?

I personally think the industry is moving forward positively, and it’s less of a question of age than of adequate preparation for the demands of modelling. At IMG, we always have the models’ wellbeing at the epicentre. We provide access to an ongoing programme whereby both new and experienced models are educated on essential skills to support them throughout their career – such as mental health, money management, or healthy eating – as well as prep workshops prior to fashion month to ensure they feel mentally and physically strong ahead of a fast-paced, global schedule.

What secrets you could tell the newest girls to make their space in the thought industry?

I always say confidence is one of the most important qualities, and that it is essential to keep working and staying visible within the industry.

What would you consider is the best part of your work?

I love to travel. Getting to know different countries, people and cultures is amazing, and giving the opportunity to someone whose life could completely change is a great feeling.

Janet Jumbo in exclusive for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2019 © Louis Vuitton Malletier

For the future, do you have any goals or projects you want to develop?

We are always working on something new at IMG. We have a constant stream of exciting leads through our We Love Your Genes [#WLYG] platform, so it will be great to see how digital scouting continues to grow, and where we take that initiative next. I also have some great scouting trips planned in the calendar to find the next beautiful face – a return to the Dominican Republic is on the horizon!

Read Luis Domingo's Interview at Spring Summer 2019 - Issue 2. Get your copy here.

Kimberly Gelabert for Dior Cruise 2020

Yorgelis Marte for Saint Laurent FW19 & Kerolyn Soares for Alexander McQueen FW19

Alina Bolotina for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2019 © Louis Vuitton Malletier


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