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Photographed by Mathieu Puga. Words by Charlotte Coquelin

MakeUp by Virginie Rascle. Hair by Cyril Laforet. Clothes from PaperPool

Where are you from and where are you in?

I’m French, I was born in Paris and I grew up in Spain, I travelled a lot with my family when I was younger until I got 18 years old and started modelling full time. My family is in the south of France now, it’s a place to find myself in between work and travels.

What have you learned during 2020?

Anything can happen at any time, so better be ready when it does.

Did you get to learn something new?

I’m learning Portuguese as I already talk Spanish, English, Italian and French fluently, I though it would be nice learning this one too though it’s one of my favourite languages. I also work on poetry projects and I take care of my plants when I’m at home.

Have you been able to travel and work overseas last year? Did you have to cancel any job opportunities?

When the Covid-19 happened I had to cancel many jobs, it’s been quite calm for a few months, where I got to focus on other things I never had time to take care of so it’s not been too bad. I’ve started working again around August. I travelled a lot since then but I've been very careful and managed somehow, to avoid the Covid.

What is the place you want to visit once the world gets back to normal?

I want to go to a warm and sunny place some days. I don’t know where yet but some tropical countries would be cool...

Use three words that describe best the shoot you did with Mathieu?

Fast, cool, beautiful. He is a very nice and talented photographer I like to call my friend, we always laugh a lot when we get to shoot together.

Do you have a green thumb? Do you have some house plant? A little vegetable garden?

My house is slowly turning into a jungle, I love plants! Every place I've been I've always managed to surround me with plants they relax me, they are beautiful.

What is your earliest memory with a flower in it?

The shoot I did with Mathieu, Cyril and Virginie, flowers everywhere in my hair, on my face, on the floor... I love to do creative shoots with nice and cool talented people.

What is your favourite flower?

I like all of them. I like the exotic ones like the African Violet or the Asian Lis but I love them all.

What would be the worst type of flowers someone could ever offer you?


What have you started doing this year to help to fight climate change?

I’m already doing all I can to recycle at my place, and where I am when I'm travelling, trying to not use plastic or the less I can. I eat local, fruits and vegetables of the season and I take the train if I can avoid the plane when I have to go somewhere.

Lisa appears courtesy of Titanium Management


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