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Updated: Sep 20, 2018

New York. Spring Studios Gallery

The moment of experimentation and the culture of the 90's served as inspiration for Scott, remarked with polaroid photos of himself reflected for a few hours before the start of his new Spring Summer Collection. That youthful spirit that has always characterized him, and that cult and passionate love for the color, brightness, neon, and the extravagance. All of that made an invitation look after look to rewind to the aesthetics of that era, and without stopping and accommodating it in an irreverent way. The subliminal messages were the protagonists with words like sex, resist, peace, shock, power, hyper, riot, revolt, or hope, that seemed to scream out of the garments.

When I think in Jeremy Scott, the first thing that comes to mind is an explosion of fluorescent colors, pink, green, orange, blue and yellow tones combined as only he knows how to get power to each of the looks. In this collection, he doesn't forget the camouflage, the sweatshirts, the plaid shirts -this time longer than usual- and the patchwork denim jackets. To highlight, I would talk about the boots that sparkled like diamonds, motocross-style boots, jumpsuits with suspenders in vinyl and camouflage with a zipper quite striking and the photographic prints that defined the main idea of the collection.

Words by Andy Durán

Photos by George Smith -by ohbabygurl-

Look 36. Marjan Jonkman

Look 14. Brittany Noon

Look 4. Luna Bijl

Look 30. Joao Knorr

Look 24. Adesuwa

Look 37. Jessie Bloemendaal

Look 42. Yoon Young Bae

Look 48. Birgit Kos

Look 38. Elise Agee

Look 59. Aira Ferreira


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