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GHOST ME by Heidi Rondak

Dress by Matereza. Necklace by Messika. Ring by Colleen B. Rosenblat. Sandals by Steven Madden

'Ghost Me' is a fashion story full of contrasts, stillness and movement, flowing between lights and rigid poses. Photographer Heidi Rondak described it like "With its vague and blurry lines, the story is breaking with conventions in photography, turning it into a form of art rather than aiming for perfection. In the making of this story, hazard played a major role – and hazard is, oftentimes, just as present in our digital lives and relations. This story is, therefore, dedicated to the state of not knowing everything at all times. Certainly, this can be torturous, yet it is also liberating."

Hair and MakeUp by Sacha Schuette using Niche Beauty and Pantene Pro V.

Dress by Gaby Charbachi. Collier by Wempe.

Dress by Jessy Stuchly. Ring by Pomellato. Headpiece by Dawid Tomaszewski. Backdrop by Elisa Bo

Top by Dice Kayek seen at Edem Chambre. Ring by Boucheron. Backdrop by Elisa Bo

Body by La Metamorphose. Hat by Spatz Hutdesign Passau. Earrings by Rona Tilgner. Skirt by Abou. Left Backdrop by Elisa Bo

Dress by La Metamorphose. Pearl Necklaces by Yana Nesper. Ring by Colleen B. Rosenblat. Bag by Karl Lagerfeld. Heels by Steve Madden

Dress by Jessy Stuchly. Collier by IsabelleFa. Ring by Pomellato. Heels by Steven Madden. Left Backdrop by Elisa Bo

Dress by Ziad Nakad Couture. Earrings by Just Win. Ring by Rona Tilgner. Left Backdrop by Elisa Bo

Dress by Marcell Von Berlin. Earrings by Thomas Jirgens. Ring by Rona Tilgner. Heels by Steve Madden


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