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FALLEN ANGEL by Ben Duggan

With an outdoorsy twist we take a walk on the wild side with Natalie Rennelle who channels Siouxsie Sioux in our punk meets goth meets new wave inspired online editorial. Dressed in iconic gothic, futuristic and pop culture designs by Alexander McQueen, Iris van Herpen and Anna Sui, shot in an outdoor wilderness setting the arresting juxtaposition is beautifully captured by photographer Ben Duggan and the stylist Whitney Whitaker.

Cover image credits: Couture dress by Iris van Herpen.

Couture dress by Iris van Herpen
Full look by Anna Sui
Jacket, jumpsuit and gloves by Anna Sui. Necklace by Gucci.
Jacket by Venia Collection. Body and tights by Alexander McQueen. Boots by Anna Sui
Jacket and skirt by Venia Collection. Bodysuit by Flur Du Mal
Jacket and shoes by Anna Sui. Kilt by Venia Collection. Top by Flur de Mal
Top by Venia Collection. Trousers, shoes and gloves by Anna Sui
Transparent top by Anna Sui. Leather trousers by Maison Margiela. Shoes by Alexander McQueen


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