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Updated: Feb 29

Ester Manas Fall Winter 2024 Collection. Paris, 27 February 2024

Ester Manas Fall Winter 2024 Collection. Paris, 27 February 2024

by Adam Chan

Ester Manas made a triumphant return to the fashion spotlight with her Autumn/Winter 2024-2025

collection, unveiled in Paris amidst much anticipation. As a witness to this long-awaited event, I

found myself immersed in a world of sheer elegance, exquisite textiles, and locally crafted

jewellery, each piece resonating with the designer's signature style.

Titled "Missed You," the collection was presented as a heartfelt greeting, akin to a cherished box of

chocolates or a bouquet of everlasting flowers. It embodied a sense of affection and longing,

expressed through dense textures, ruffled details, and enveloping silhouettes, all while staying true

to Ester Manas' founding ideals of inclusivity and self-expression.

The runway showcased a vibrant tapestry of colours and textures, with accumulations of fabric,

superimpositions of patterns, and playful ruching and ruffles adorning each ensemble. From shades

of yellow and water green to striking leopard prints and transparent fabrics, the collection exuded a

sense of joyful extravagance, inviting each woman to create her own unique style.

One of the collection's standout features was the introduction of three distinct product lines: the

Hotline, offering lingerie-inspired pieces with reinforced fabrics and new designs; the Coldline,

featuring inclusive outerwear made from recycled nylon and original creations; and the Leather line,

comprising intuitively designed pieces crafted from high-quality leather skins, assembled in the

heart of Paris.

Inspired by the French Cancan, a new family of bags graced the runway, offering a modern

interpretation of sensuality and generosity. Additionally, Ester Manas unveiled her first line of

jewellery, meticulously crafted in France and inspired by the Celosia flower and the CanCan, with

voluptuous earrings available in gold-plated and palladium-plated finishes.

Furthermore, the collection underscored the designer's commitment to sustainability, with a focus

on using high-quality deadstock fabrics sourced from the outskirts of Paris or in collaboration with

major fashion houses. This conscious approach to fashion not only enhances the collection's appeal

but also contributes to a more eco-conscious industry.

In conclusion, Ester Manas' Autumn/Winter 2024-2025 collection was a celebration of creativity,

craftsmanship, and inclusivity, marking a triumphant return to the fashion scene. It was a testament

to the designer's unwavering dedication to dressing all women and an embodiment of her vision for

a fashion-forward, socially responsible future.


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