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DARK ROMANCE by Ben Duggan

Possessing a surreal dream-like quality these beautiful and arresting images in our latest online editorial is captured by New York based photographer Ben Duggan. Meron, whose enchanting beauty and mysterious allure wears such spellbinding creations by Iris van Herpen, Simone Rocha, Zimmerman and Melitta Baumeister to add to this dark romance.

Meron shot by Ben Duggan. Styled by Whitney Whitaker.

Hair by Nastya Miliaeva. MakeUp by Anna Kurihara.

Couture Gown by Iris Van Herpen. Earrings by Zimmerman. Shoes by Christian Wijnants.
Dress and shoes by Zimmerman. Earrings by Edoeyen
Jacket by Melitta Baumeister. Bloomers by Kelsey Randall. Earrings by Zimmerman. Tights and socks by Simone Rocha
Dress by Melitta Baumeister. Earrings by Simone Rocha. Shoes by Christian Wijnants
Jacket by Melitta Baumeister. Headpiece and earrings by Edoeyen. Boots by Zimmerman
Jacket and dress by Melitta Baumeister. Tights by Flur Du Mal. Earrings and boots by Simone Rocha


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