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At a time when overexposed aesthetic standardization is threatening, Custo Barcelona stands ready to defend an empowered individuality that celebrates the singular and the unique with its Insta Glam collection for Fall Winter 2019. The firm presents a collection with the spirit of innovation and creativity in every one of its pieces, a tribute to detail with no simplicity, to authenticity above uniformity.

The firm aims to surprise with its geometry as well as its combination of fabrics in a collection in which each piece is treated as one-of-a-kind for its details and creativity. With this same spirit, Custo Barcelona presents a sneak peek at its new children’s collection with some pieces for the little ones with the firm’s DNA.

In its women’s collection, Custo Barcelona goes for a silhouette that peels off the body in dresses, jackets, and coats with mostly oversize volumes, while pieces made with jeweled fabrics and decorated with handmade metallic appliqués in animal or geometric shapes preserve the femininity and sexiness that are so characteristic of Custo.

The stars of the show are the technical coats and jackets sophisticatedly reinterpreted to create incomparable pieces. There are oversize coats with jackets inserted for a patchwork effect, eco-friendly fur coats with multicolored fur jacquard showing Custo’s graphic artistry, and wool-fringed coats decorated with jewel-like appliqués.


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