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Sydney golden child Christopher Esber astonished us with his elegant, minimalist and structured new designs at last Australian Fashion Week. This new collection was called Interiority and it segmented key brand pieces by evolving them through a new lens. “It is inspired by the spaces we inhabit, from the finishes of upholstery to wallpaper treatments, and the arrangement of objects and negative spaces within”. The eternal classic Esber knitwear returned while chain was the first material added for this season. As a personal favourite the designer chose the silk puffer jackets worn with their matching silk dresses, “an update on evening dressing for those cooler evenings”.

Photography by Daniel Nadel. Styled by Emma Cotterill at Reload Agency.

All clothes by Christopher Esber. Jewellery by Balyck Jewellery. Shoes by RM Williams.

What are the main inspirations behind the Fall Winter 2021-2022?

We called this collection ‘Interiority’. Inspired by the spaces we inhabit, from the finishes of upholstery to wallpaper treatments, and the arrangement of objects and negative spaces within, the collection takes key brand pieces and evolves them through a new lens – one that is comfortable enough to live in.

Who’s your muse for this collection and who has been in the past?

The Christopher Esber woman is my muse, she is an amalgamation of the extraordinary, everyday women who wear the clothes. I’m constantly inspired by how our wearer puts herself (themselves?) together, but also just seeing people on the street and how they get creative with clothes is my eternal inspiration. I’ve found myself following people on the street on more than one occasion – so the innate creativity of one’s interpretation of style is my muse.

Favourite fabrics and pieces?

Our knitwear is an eternal classic and core to each and every range. Every season I look to adapt this further and explore how much more the silhouettes can be deconstructed and pared back within the fabric. Chain is a new material we added to the collection and it was very fun to work with. A personal favourite would also be the Silk puffer jackets worn back with their matching silk dresses, an update on evening dressing for those cooler evenings.

Who is the kind of woman you design for?

A confident one who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to assert herself through her choices. One who is creative when it comes to putting herself together, and dresses to adapt knowing the day could take her anywhere.

What is the best aspect of the Australian fashion scene? And what would need to change?

Because of our climate, Australia has a natural sense of trans-seasonality when it comes to style and fashion and I feel this becomes stronger and stronger season by season. We are still a fairly small community, but one that is multicultural and inclusive, and the creativity within just naturally ekes through. We need to keep embracing this. Being considered in design choices is also the new way forward, letting go of fast fashion and focusing on forever pieces.


Australian Talent piece appears in the Fall Winter 2021 Issue 7.


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