BETWEEN SHADOWS by Kevin Aldrich

In a poetic combination of sunlight and playful shadows photographer Kevin Aldrich has captured these eye-catching images of French model Camille Pidoux in our latest online jewellery accessories editorial. Featuring an eclectic selection from designers Indra Eudaric, Caraiva and Diana Law including 3D printed rings, geometric earrings, rope tassel necklaces and silk printed scarves.

Camille Pidoux at Oui Management shot by Kevin Aldrich. Styled by Florence Julienne.

Creative Production and MakeUp by Walter Denéchère using Charlotte Tilbury.

Hair by Nunes Flavio at Backstage Agency using Typology Paris and Qet Botanicals.

Sapphire Hive, 3D treated multipurpose polymer earring Hive, Sapphire Baby Evolution, 3D red bag in polymer nylon fiber
24 karat vermeil Jane two-finger ring by Caraiva
Tulle glove by Olistic The Label. Amethyst Solstice ring by Indra Eudaric
Amethyst Solstice ring and black agate streaked Constellation earring by Indra Eudaric. Tulle glove by Olistic The Label
Ines, vanilla cage shirt in cotton and polyurethane and Numi, white tulle body by Marta Martino. Movable metal hoops by Viveka Bergstrom. 24 karat vermeil Jane two-finger ring by Caraiva
Amethyst Solstice ring by Indra Eudaric
24 karat vermeil double Candice hoop earrings by Caraiva. Long necklace by Boks & Baum
Yellow ring in treated polyvalent polymer by Diana Law.



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