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The universe of male modeling is constantly evolving. The archetypes of what is an increasingly demanding market change over time and respond to the real needs of fashion designers, photographers, casting directors, and audiovisual producers.

Alexander Gudmundsson is one of the fresh new faces that we have discovered this year on the most important runways. With a debut desired by all walking for Prada in an exclusive, this young skate lover has started on a successful path and has already walked important shows such as Valentino, Off_White, Berluti, Ermenegildo Zegna, among others.

What could you tell me about Alexander Gudmundsson to start getting to know you better?

My name is Alexander Gudmundsson. I am 17 years old, and I’m originally from Reykjavik, Iceland but I live in Copenhagen now. I’m currently going to a skate high school in Malmö, Sweden.

How did you start in fashion? Was it one of those coincidences that models always tell about their beginnings? Or was it vocational?

I got scouted for the first time in New York at a skatepark in Brooklyn for a street-cast show at NYFW. And I was officially scouted by my current Mother Agent in Copenhagen when I was downtown drinking coffee with my friend.

What was your first big break in the industry?

I would say probably my Prada debut.

Alexander walking Prada Fall Winter 2019. Photo Source: Vogue Runway.

You have become a regular at Prada shows. What could you tell us about the experience of working with the entire Miuccia Prada team?

It’s been amazing. They are all super sweet and hard-working people and I hope to work more with them in the future.

What have been your favorite jobs, those that have given you the most pride so far? And which ones do you dream of doing?

My favorite jobs have probably been working with Prada, Berluti and Off-White, and I would love to do jobs for Alyx and Louis Vuitton.

What is your routine to cultivate body and soul?

I think creativity plays a big part in me being a happy person. I’m always doing something creative; whether it’s making clothes, music or painting/drawing. And then I skate almost every day so that’s where I get most of my exercise.

Let's talk about your personal style. What are your key items for daily use? Do you follow the trends?

My personal style is constantly evolving and I’m always trying to get out of my comfort zone. Far too often I find myself in jeans and a hoodie. Of course, I follow some trends, although I’d love to say that I don’t. But I always try to find my own twist on things.

Alexander walks Valentino Fall Winter 2019. Photo Source: Vogue Runway.

Checking your Instagram account I discovered your passion for skateboarding, something that is very fashionable among male models lately. Do you think it has become a lifestyle?

I’ve been skating since I can remember and I currently go to a skate high school. So you could say it’s sort of a lifestyle!

What do you enjoy most about modeling, and what do you dislike?

I love meeting new people and making friends, so that’s probably what I like most. And getting to travel a lot. I’d say the hours are what I dislike the most.

Until when do you see yourself projected in the fashion industry? Do you plan to prepare yourself in some other profession for the future?

I’m not sure… I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts and then when the time comes, I’ll move on to something new and exciting. I plan on taking a break from school after high school to work. Then in a couple of years, I’ll most likely go to university.

What is your advice to aspiring models?

Write an email to the agencies. Don’t hang out in their comments expecting them to notice you!

Words by Andy Durán.

Alexander is represented by IMG Paris, London & Milan, and Rad Management.

Photographed by Jonas Persson.

Alexander walks Prada Spring Summer 2020 in Shanghai. Photo Source: Vogue Runway.

Photographed by Jonas Persson.

Alexander walking Berluti Fall Winter 2019. Photo Source: Vogue Runway.

Photographed by Jovei Blink.


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