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Ahluwalia Fall Winter 2024 Collection. London Fashion Week, 17 February 2024

Ahluwalia Fall Winter 2024 Collection. London, 17 February 2024

Ahluwalia's Fall Winter 2024 collection summoned guests into a fantastical realm within Central Hall Westminster's soaring neo- Byzantine arches. As guests wove between trees dotting the venue, it felt like stepping into an enchanted storybook forest. Creative director Priya Ahluwalia immersed attendees in her reimagined world of Indian and Nigerian myths and folklore.

Models emerged in silhouettes nodding to traditional saris and geles, like richly hued hooded wool dresses that draped fluidly across the body. Thin contrast inserts elevated the flow of tops and skirts, hinting at the collection's exploration of cautionary tales. Knit corseted bodices accentuated curves, while almond-shaped sequin motifs and pearlescent embroidery evoked regal embellishments found in the old world fables Ahluwalia drew inspiration from.

She delved into Indian scriptures and Nigerian legends, blending fantasy and reality. Works from artists like modernist painter Jayasri Burman and Kelechi Nwaneri, who explores Igbo deities, informed the collection's tapestry jacquard prints and symbolism. Ombré denim referenced the Igbo practice of sacred body painting. Bespoke Levi's gowns incorporated wings and waves as metaphors found in folk narratives.

As models emerged, they took on the air of mythological characters. Flowing chiffon sashes trailed behind them like supernatural auras. Voluminous satin trousers billowed around legs while crisply tailored bustiers nipped waists, merging the sensual and severe into chimerical contrasts. Tutus morphed into feathered underskirts, blooming like otherworldly flora.

Ahluwalia reflected, "Reveries presents a singular version of an Ahluwalia fairytale." The venue's grandeur and ambient soundtrack by Tom Tripp heightened the mysticism. While looks floated by dreamily, meticulous techniques like felting and intricate corsetry anchored the craftsmanship behind the scenes. Rich fabrics like merino wool and organic cotton gave texture and depth to the storytelling.

This collection revelled in revealing Ahluwalia's imaginative world. Her team brought this contemporary mythos to life through considered details from set design to soundscape. As models wove between trees, wearing looks that blurred fantasy and reality, Ahluwalia presented fashion's power to tell singular stories. She transported guests to realms of magic and possibility.


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