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WILD COMBINATION by Jessica Mahaffey

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Alessandra Fronteddu and Mitch star this story brought by the talented photographer Jessica Mahaffey and the stylist Janine Eveson. Supported by the beauty team composed by Emma Tierney and Anna Inglis Hall, this story mixed a retro look vibe with the innocence and the excitement of the teenage summers. Some of the brands included in the story are Mulberry, Ganni, Roberto Cavalli or Hermès.

Photographed by Jessica Mahaffey. Styled by Janine Eveson.

Makeup by Anna Inglis Hall. Hair by Emma Tierney.

Models. Alessandra Fronteddu at Hive Management and Mitch at Select Models.

Mitch on left wears top by Self Portrait. Floral print shorts by Hanky Punky.

Alessandra on right wears print shirt by Hermès. Top underneath by Ganni. Vintage bikini.

Mitch wears denim dress by Self Portrait.

Mitch on left wears floral print trousers by Roberto Cavalli. Vintage top.

Alessandra on right wears gingham skirt and top by Mulberry. Vintage cashmere sweater.

Alessandra wears dress by Ganni.

Mitch wears knitted top by Bonpoint. Archive trousers by Alaïa. Vintage jacket.

Mitch wears print transparet blouse by Mulberry.

Alessandra and Mitch wear dresses by Stoud.

Alessandra wears dress by Ganni.


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