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TOM LEEB by Mathieu Puga

Whoever said that men were not multitaskers hasn't met Tom Leeb. Not only has he just released his first indie-folk album 'Recollection' this year, he is also starring in the movie 'Edmond' by Alexis Michalik. Then to top it off he has also been performing in his hit comedy theatre show: Kevin and Tom. Since he is so good at juggling, we also asked him model for us in this fashion editorial.

Words and Art Direction by Charlotte Coquelin.

Photographed by Mathieu Puga. Styled by Calvin Nymon.

Shirt by Tidjane Kenny. Print jacket by Rynshu. Trousers by Capsul.

You went to an art school in NYC, can you tell us more about this experience?

I really wanted to leave France in order to find myself in a country where my name doesn’t ring any bells. My dad is well known here in France (Michel Leeb) and I wanted to explore my talents without being compared to him. I grew so much in New York. I learned the language fluently and I worked on my confidence. It was fundamental.  So of the two what was your favourite subject? Acting or singing?

Both. I always had the desire to experience, explore and grow in both industries. Acting makes me do things I would never do when not in character and singing has always been a therapy: I never chose then and it is still the same today.  You have just launched your new album, can you share some of your inspirations?

Musically speaking, I’ve always been inspired by artists from my generation, songwriters such as John Mayer, Ben Howard or Fink. Emotionally speaking I’ve been inspired by past relationships: love or lack thereof.

Shirt by Rynshu

Do you write all your songs?

Yes I do the melody and words.  Why does your album has 13 songs on it, does the number 13 mean something to you?

I understand why you would ask the question: it’s actually pure coincidence. I did think it over though but in the end I love all 13 songs so I like to think of as 13 a lucky number.  You recently performed in the first act at the Sting concert, how was it working with such a legend?

AMAZING. The energy off and on stage is something I’ll never forget.  You usually act in French and sing in English. Have you ever done the opposites?

Singing in French isn’t my thing. I don’t really know why but it feels uncomfortable, I just don’t like to do it. I have many times acted in English and I feel freer actually because the language already pulls me away from my who I am really. 

Shirt by Tidjane Kenny

Was this editorial shooting a nice experience for you?

Yes, it sure was. Mathieu Puga is extremely talented, relaxed, spontaneous and cool. No stress, no pressure, no doubt. I feel lucky to have worked with him.  What was your favorite outfit during the shooting?

Loved that painted suit and tie. A bit of a 'joker' look. Unconventional and different.  Do you pay attention to fashion?

I do! In the same way that I don’t. Fashion won’t affect me, but I’m attracted to it. Fashion is a part of who you are.  You seem to always be traveling: from movie sets to concert halls. What is a common week in Tom’s life?

Play the guitar, work out, travel, get ready, no party, no late overslept mornings. Get to set on time, shoot, play more guitar, write a song, write another, scratch it out, work out, rest, start again.

Shirt by Tidjane Kenny. Print jacket by Rynshu. Trousers by Capsul.

Where can we find you in Paris? Can you share your favorite addresses with us?

Restaurants: Marco Polo, Marcello, Chez Huguette, and L’Ogre. Bars: Manko, Prescription, and Hibou. Can you tell us who are your icons and inspirations?

John Mayer for his guitar playing and songwriting, Matt Corby for his vocal mastering. As for actors, Jim Carrey for his complete freedom, and Chaplin for his visions and inventions in all ways. And above all my dad.  What is your favorite social media and how often do you use it? 

I’m an Instagram person. It’s here. It became a bit of an everyday thing to communicate news, concerts, releases... it’s like my own show; more like an everyday promo.

Shirt by Tidjane Kenny. Long jacket by Rynshu. Trousers by Capsul.

Do you think it is the best tool for self-promotion?

The best tool is where you have a daily growing community. My Instagram has been growing and people have been showing interest in my music. So yes, definitely the best tool the get me out there.  What are your 3 favorite Instagram accounts?

Roger Federer. Though he doesn’t post frequently, I just love following the guy. He’s unreal in so many ways. An example to us all; John Mayer. For his live shows pictures. There is everything I dream of; My Dad’s. He always has funny captions. 

Shirt by Tidjane Kenny. Jacket and trousers by Capsul.
Blazer by Rynshu. Sweater by Capsul.
Blazer by Rynshu. Trousers and sweater by Capsul.
Blazer by Rynshu.
Shirt by Tidjane Kenny. Print jacket and tie by Rynshu. Trousers by Capsul.
Shirt by Tidjane Kenny. Print jacket and tie by Rynshu. Trousers by Capsul.


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