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TEEEEEEEEES by Carina Lammers

The International T-Shirt day was a few days ago, on June 21st, and on our latest online fashion story, it is all about 'tes'. German photographer Carina Lammers asserts that "I'm interested in how T-Shirts are a key item in everyone’s wardrobe. Women own on average 62 tops, with the vast majority of them T-Shirts. If it’s to make a political statement, to be comfortable, look sexy, borrow one from a friend after staying over, go to sleep, or quickly throw something on, a T-Shirt serves many purposes. With my photo story, I want to celebrate this simple key item that most people don’t consciously think about very much anymore."

Marie Köhn, Lily Max and Angelina were photographed by Carina Lammers.

Marie and Angelina appears courtesy of Milk Management. Lily appears courtesy of Anti Agency.


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