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RED VELVET NIGHTFALL by Juan Cuartas Rueda

Bodysuit by Alchemy. Skirt by 2 Madison Avenue

The inspiration behind our latest fashion story, Red Velvet Nightfall, draws from the deep, rich colors of the night sky as it transitions from day to night celebrating the beauty of texture. Every look adds an element of mystery and intrigue that enforces liberation, underneath the layers lies a sense of melancholy, a nod to the bittersweet moments that portrayed avant-garde dresses, headpieces, and shapes.

Styled by Davide Chicaeme. MakeUp and Hair by Chris Newburg. Assistant, Daniel Sánchez.

Coat by Dries Van Noten

Dress by Joya Ma

Coat by Dries Van Noten. Shoes by Prada

Top and skirt by LD13

Dress by Hervé Léger. Shoes by Prada

Dress by Joya Ma

Dress by Chiara Boni. Red Shoes by Prada

Dress by Joya Ma

Bodysuit by Wolf & Badger. Shoes by Jimmy Choo. Gloves by Gucci. Hat by Kat and Clarese

Top and skirt by LD13

Coat by Dries van Noten. Shoes by Prada


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